Decluttering and simplifying your life!

The Clarity Matters Way:

  • The focus is on respecting you and empowering you to choose which items you’d like to keep, give away or rubbish in order to create a more spacious, peaceful and workable surroundings
  • You’ll be cared for by one who is an ex-nurse so you’ll feel safe and assisted in making the decisions to remove clutter from your environment
  • The physical work of lifting boxes, moving items, getting up and down ladders is done for you when needed
  • Practical effective methods of storage are created for the items remaining
  • Items being donated are removed from the home or office for you and recycled, as part of the service
  • You’ll have a beautiful new space to enjoy, greater confidence, a sense of personal accomplishment and an enormous relief!

Feeling Overwhelmed? Hopeless? Don’t know where to start?

Picture yourself:

  • Being helped, cared for, validated and liberated from where you are now…to where you want to be
  • Actually having a clutter free environment
  • Only having things you want and like and need around you
  • Being organised and knowing exactly where to put things and find things
  • Walking into your room, with a smile on your face, feeling good about yourself
  • Stepping freely into your future, without stuff from the past holding you back.

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Liberating you... from where you are now... to where you want to be