Is clutter cramping your sleep?

Finally, it’s time to actually go to bed … you’re so tired, you know you need a jolly good sleep, but each time you go into the bedroom, you’re greeted with so much clutter that it never feels restful anyway. Your head finally hits the pillow and you have no peace; you simply cannot go to sleep. The frustration of this is enormous. Aarghh!!

How about taking a look at the environment of your bedroom? We are often a product of our environment; environments can help us or hinder us.

Bedroom before decluttering

Is there extra furniture that you could do without? For example, if there are two free standing wardrobes, maybe after culling your clothes and shoes, you could just have one wardrobe.

Are there boxes full of stuff that you no longer need or could do without? Boxes up high, towering over us as we lie on the bed can make us feel crowded us in. Often we keep items in boxes and we have no idea of what’s even in them so we go out and buy more items and spend more money. And so the vicious cycle continues…

Clearing the floor will always make a room look and feel more organised. And of course it’s much easier to clear up and put away when there is enough room in the cupboards to ‘finish the job.’

Let me encourage you to break free from the clutter. You’ll quite possibly sleep a whole heap more peacefully after you declutter and feel so liberated you won’t know yourself! Sweet dreams!

Bedroom - after decluttering

Now if the concept intrigues you and you would like help to achieve it, please know we all have strengths in different areas. So be kind to yourself and simply ring Helen on 0410 649 481 to chat. A recent client just emailed me and said, “I’m feeling so much better. Why didn’t I call you before??” You too can feel better!