Who else will your decluttering help?

So many bits and pieces, sitting around in a heap, taking up space in a cupboard…

Who else will your decluttering help?

How precious that blanket was to Jacklin in Uganda! Her smile says it all – Thank you!











Sometimes we need a purpose bigger than ourselves to get the ball rolling with decluttering. My dear Mum said ‘I just want to get rid of all my old wool’ so square by square, with the help of my sister and myself, she knitted a colourful rug. Ever wondered what’s it’s like in the cold of the night with no access to electricity and extra warm clothes, in places like Africa and Siberia? Well, the way Jacklin our sponsor child in Uganda responded on receiving her rug told me just how precious a rug is. It was a prized possession.

So let me encourage you to get knitting and contribute to the needs of someone else the world, both near and far. Now knitting may not interest you anymore, but if you’ve got balls n’ balls of wool and leftover bits, and you’re SERIOUSLY never going to use them again, let’s take action. There’s loads of knitting groups like ‘Wrap with Love’ – where you can drop the wool into and they’ll lovingly, stitch by stitch create a rug out of your wool.

Wool can also be dropped off at recycling stores, soon to be snapped up by ladies keen to knit. I was at the Goodwill store in Brookvale and had the pleasure of chatting with a dear lady pensioner in her 90’s. She’d been buying leftover wool for years to knit rugs and scarves and couldn’t afford to buy brand new wool. So she was benefiting too, keeping her brain active, her fingers nimble and happily contributing to society at large.

Another option is to teach a another person to knit. Just recently I had the opportunity to re-ignite a young girls interest in knitting and she is now happily creating a scarf for her boyfriend, as you do when you’re young and in love!

What a blessing for so many people … just because someone made a decision to declutter and move the wool on to more useful places.

How about you? What will you do with the wool (and other stuff) that’s just sitting around doing nothing but taking up space in the cupboard? You’re just a decision away from action and change and blessing. Go for it!

Overwhelmed? Can’t even get to the wool … in the back of some cupboard in that room you haven’t been in for ages? Let me help you sort it all out, take away what you don’t want, get what you do want organised and managable. Know that you get to choose what to keep and what to give away that’s for sure. You’re just a decision and a phone call away.

How about ringing Helen now, to start the ball rolling – 0410 649 481

Love to know what you did after reading this newsletter!
All the best,
Helen xx

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