For most people decluttering takes guts!

Some situations in our past knock us about a bit, and as a result, we’re not as confident to do a lot of things, including decluttering, even though part of us actually wants to move forward, yet seemingly can’t…

Items have the power to keep us stuck in the past. Items connected to old relationships, especially those that weren’t healthy can quite often keep us back there emotionally if we retain the item after the relationship is over.

For example, one of my clients Trish (not her real name) really didn’t like spending time in her formal dining room, without knowing why. When we searched for the reasons, it became apparent that the paintings on the walls were from her first marriage which ended in disaster, after a really torrid time. The wedding gifts from that dreadful relationship were silently influential in the home of her new established relationship, sending out messages that she wasn’t even aware of.

We talked through the situation, and then Trish bravely decided to release the paintings from her home and subsequently released a whole heap of bad memories too. She also gave away the old cutlery set and the cabinet they were stashed away in, for the same reasons. She had some counselling, shed some more tears, and then put some fabulous new paintings on the wall, bought some new cutlery which she loved and a gorgeous new cabinet. Trish totally enjoyed the freedom of being released from those tragic old days into happier times in the present and went on to invite more friends over for dinner. She danced around the room in freedom after such a breakthrough!

By simply doing this, Trish was empowered to take back control in her life and enjoy her dining room. Her confidence rose, and her decision making skills grew. Here’s something else that happened. She also realised her cleaners had been overpowering her in her own home, telling her how and what they were going to do, with no consideration of her requests. She had put up with it for years, but after clearing out those horrid old connections and growing in confidence, Trish built up the courage to sack her cleaners! What a freeing day that was for her. The next cleaners she employed were definitely more respectful of her.

The effects of decluttering are truly amazing, having a fabulous effect on the emotions and flowing into other areas of life. It’s helpful to be forward focused – on what the result can bring to your life.

What would it be like if you gave it a go?

And if it’s all too much attacking the situation on your own, why not call for some support?
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