It’s always a good time to declutter, even going into winter. It helps you get unstuck, it gives you a new lease of life and fresh hope for your future.

A fresh new feel to a cluttered office - Before

I’d just shut the door and actively resist going in there. Nothing excited me about this room’

A fresh new feel to a cluttered office - After

‘It’s an absolute delight being in my office now!! I love spending time in there. Work is such a pleasure’









In this office, we had a massive cull of unwanted paperwork (what an enormous relief that brought) then re-organised the rest into easily accessible folders, removed some furniture and items connected to the past, introduced a feminine touch and added some personal colourful pieces that added extra life to the room.

Result: An exceptionally welcoming office, one that says ‘come on in and stay a while, enjoy working here in these delightful surroundings’ … as opposed to the old one that was actively avoided because of all the obvious and hidden bits and pieces lurking around causing overwhelm and heaviness.

Give me the new one any day!

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