“Piles and piles of paper…and I can never find anything I’m looking for.” Sound familiar?

Many people are overwhelmed with paperwork, quite often due to indecision and a lack of simple systems.

Bills that don’t get paid on time, RSVP dates passing by, Gift Vouchers going out of date, important documents being mislaid, time wasted looking for that one piece of paper in the pile. These are all examples of what we can struggle with until our papers are organised.

Don’t despair though, there is hope:

Organised paperwork

Clarity really does matter.

Do I need to refer to this again?

Can I access this information somewhere else?

Is it applicable in my life now?

It’s helpful to ask questions like these, so you can decide what to keep, recycle or shred.

Filing cabinets are wonderful inventions, when they are used to file papers, not as dumping grounds!! I like to label the manilla folders and the tabs with texta pen, to be obvious.

Coloured tabs can be used in some instances to indicate more than one file for a similar area, for example, Car insurances, Car maintenance, Car registrations all in yellow tabs.

Filing in alphabetical order is one option, another is to file by areas of life: for example, business / property / investments in one drawer; personal / family / household paperwork in another drawer.

A file marked ‘Sentimental’ helps with those favourite pieces of memorabilia that you simply want to keep. Storing them in a special box elsewhere is another option.

Once the system is set up, simply “FINISH THE JOB.” It’s my favourite saying! Put the piece of paper where it has to go, now! Then you’ll know exactly where to source the paper when you need it next.

No more piles to sort through! What a relief!!

Declutter and simplify your life

And if you are still overwhelmed with your paperwork and need help……….

Simply call Helen at Clarity Matters on 0410 649 481

‘Taking you from where you are now….to where you want to be’


 “My whole issue was that I didn’t know where to start and felt like I didn’t have the energy to actually begin the process….. I think of Helen every time I walk into my study and breathe a sigh of relief that it is finally organised.  I can’t thank you enough” L. – Forestville