A new lease of life for the shed - Before

Angst…’I knew there was stuff in there but it was such an effort to find what I was looking for’

A new lease of life for the shed - After

Peace…’I know exactly what’s there and it’s so easy to access what I need now’








Sheds and storage spaces – you can love ’em and you can hate ’em. They’re a challenge when they’re unruly and they’re wonderful when they’re organised. You can leave ’em in their muddle or you can help ’em get tidy. So, what to do with yours if it’s been misbehaving lately…

You’ve gotta be ready first…to make some changes and toss out some junk. Just before council cleanup is a great time or when you can fit in a trip to the Salvo’s or the tip. Actually the GoodWill Store in Brookvale is where I take most items to recycle – they’re really open and accepting of a lot of things that are in good nick. Recycling stores are amazing – ‘one mans trash is another mans treasure.’ I’m amazed at what people are interested in when I’m there donating.

Be on alert in your shed for what you can re-use for storage. Even older cabinets with shelving like in the photo’s can be so useful. Clean them out and stack them up – label the boxes, put the heavy items down low for safety sake, keep the chemicals away from kids and pets and try to keep like minded items together wherever possible.

You may well find a few vermin running wild when on the job since you’re disrupting their hideaway home so be alert and well prepared!

Now if the thought of spiders, cockroaches etc etc scare the living daylights out of you, give me a call and I’ll gladly help you get your shed under your control. I used to clean out my Dad’s cow bail as a kid growing up on the farm so I got used to mess and muck and all things yuck!

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Ring Helen today – 0410 649 481 – be one of the courageous ones who put their hand up if you’re in need of help.

Are you ready to take back control of your shed?

All the best,
Helen xx

PS – please feel free to share the ‘Inspiration to Declutter’ with others. It may be just what they’re looking for. Thank you!