Do we seriously still need that?!

Camping … in the past

Do we seriously still need that?!

Glamping … in the future








Sometimes I’ve found I just have to ‘get real with myself’ …seriously real about what my life was like, is like now and may be like in the future. And with that in mind, Brian and I have made some decisions about ‘stuff’ that has been hanging around our garage for years, taking up space, looking at us each time we go in there and generally making a nuisance of itself.

Firstly, I’m referring to the whipper snipper. We bought it when we lived in a house with a garden and used it on occasions. Then we graduated to a “Dougie” – our lawnmower man named Dougie, who cut our grass, using his own equipment. Then we moved to a first floor apartment, without a garden. So that jolly whipper snipper has been sitting idle for years, having been moved from one garage to another, all because we thought ‘we might need it one day!’

In getting real with ourselves, and loving the apartment style of living, we knew we wouldn’t need it again. We have given it to some grateful neighbours who actually have lawn. They’ll get great use out of it and it’s one less unused item sitting in our garage.

The other ‘get real with ourselves’ items were our camping gear. Yes, we have had many wonderful camping holidays over the years and yes! If you’re a camper, you’ll no doubt have many outrageous camping stories too, like when the tent blew flat to the ground in gale force winds etc etc…

We have chosen to go glamping these days where the ‘tent’ is already set up for us on arrival, with the luxury of an en suite. The wind can blow all it likes, since we’re inside a sturdy tent construction! All this to say: what on earth were we still keeping our tent and all the associated bits and pieces for? We were never seriously going camping again…

So, this weekend our camping gear will have new owners – our nephew and his wife are already planning weekends away with it. They’ll be blessed and so will we with heaps more space in our garage! But even more than that: we’re no longer hanging on to things from our past way of life which frees us up to enjoy how we are now and in the future. Another example of how decluttering is amazing!

Are there ‘things’ in your life you need to get seriously real about? Do let me know your story.

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Are you ready to get real, seriously?

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Helen xx

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