Just returned home from two separate trips away. I had two days turnaround in between, one of which was spent decluttering with a client. So I really needed to be organised with unpacking, and repacking, and retrieving my energy!

So often, we are in go, go, go mode away from the home, yet our homes can be out of control, which makes life way more challenging and stressful for us, especially in moments that are tight for time.

Today I wanted to share some tips with you focusing on reducing stress and creating some order and calm… for the next time you travel anywhere, be it be to school, for work, away for the weekend or a holiday overseas.

Having been out and about, what’s it like when you arrive home after a busy time? It’s very easy to drop everything in a heap on the floor and leave it there, exactly where it landed, for ages. I’m talking about school bags, travel bags, shopping bags, brief cases, sports gear, work gear…you can add your own to the list. Doing this in itself creates clutter, a pile that we bump into, need to walk around, jump over or search through in a last minute panic when we need something that’s in there, hopefully, in the future! The pile of whatever screams at us: ‘put me away where I belong!’ It can send messages to us: ‘you’re not organised … you’re not efficient … you’re out of control’. It can annoy us, and no doubt will annoy other people in the home too. It steals our energy supplies, and stifles our productivity. Know that a little job put off today becomes a big job tomorrow.

A simple solution is to ‘finish the job’ straight away, then it will be done, done, done! Smelly socks would be ready for washing in the laundry, empty lunchboxes would make it to the sink or the dishwasher, passports would make it back to their proper home, jackets would be hung up, business files would be in their place in the filing system, empty bags would go to their cupboard, goggles and swimming caps would be where they should be … all ready for next time, ready to run out the door. Parents can lead by example. These simple decisions can reduce stress by the bucket load – no more yelling ‘where is my ……..? I need it NOW!’ Just a simple knowing that the item is exactly where it’s supposed to be. What a relief that would be?

Yes, it takes a concerted effort, practice, and commitment to change old habits. Focus on the benefits – order, peace and way less stress and family friction.

I’d love to hear your comments on what happens in your house.
And if you don’t have places in your home set aside to actually put each item, and would like help to get organised, please give me a ring to find out how that can change for you.

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Please feel free to pass this on to others – it may be just what they’re looking for. There’s always hope!