1. I cannot declutter AND keep everything – that’s called re-arranging! I need to let go of some stuff by removing it from my home.
  2. Decluttering is clearing out the unwanted and unneeded stuff from my past so I can go forward in to my future, with more space and more freedom. There is far more to consider than the price of the item; what is the message associated with it?
  3. Do I like it? If not, why am I keeping it? Why would I clutter my life up with stuff that’s not me, makes me feel bad about myself or simply annoys me?
  4. Do I want / need this in my life now? Seasons come and go; I change as I go through life, so it’s OK to not keep all that I used to have in past seasons.
  5. Is this associated with happy memories? Some items remind me of days / people / places that I would rather forget. Why would I torment myself by having the physical reminders in my current space?
  6. Is it in the condition that I am happy with? What message is it sending me? Does wearing underwear with holes make me feel special? Does drinking from a chipped cup make me feel worthy?
  7. Just because it’s always been in my life, do I still need to keep it? Some things seem to end up in our life and move from place to place with us, without being assessed. Now is the time!
  8. Just because it was given to me as a gift, do I still have to keep it, especially if it’s not to my liking? No, I won’t let what others control me. It was given to me as a gift and I am free to do whatever I want with it.
  9. Allow myself to ‘acknowledge the memories’ as I clear the clutter. It can be a trip down memory lane. Cry, forgive, laugh, reminisce…whatever is needed.
  10. Sentimental items and paper (“Memorabilia”) are best kept in a special box to enjoy and treasure. Remember to check it out from time to time!
  11. I can give the stuff away to a Recycling / Charity Store – “someone out there will love it!” As I bless others, I will be blessed.
  12. If I am going to E-Bay it / Garage sale it, realise this takes extra time and effort.  Am I really serious about doing this? If so, decide on a date, mark it in my diary and be strict with myself to give the items away if I haven’t done it by that date.
  13. With what remains after decluttering, I will store the wanted / needed items so they’re easily accessible. It will be a fresh start with the items that are appropriate to my life now.
  14. I will “Finish the Job” and discipline myself to put the item away where it belongs, now.
  15. I will congratulate myself and get ready for some great new things in my life. I have cleared out the ‘old’ so there’s room for the ‘new,’ however that may present!!

Bonus Tip: If it all gets too much for me on my own, I can always call Helen at Clarity Matters to come and help me – 0410 649 481