“I so don’t want to live like this anymore!”

I don’t believe anyone wakes up one morning and decides to be cluttered! I believe clutter creeps up on us, sometimes because we’re creative, sometimes because we’re busy, sometimes because we live with challenging people, sometimes because we’ve had some trauma in our lives and have gotten ‘stuck’… and many other reasons.

I do know though that as soon as you have made the decision for change, that you want help, that you want to move on to a new place in life, a new you…..that I am able to work alongside you to make that happen, in a really nurturing way.

My caring heart, my nursing experience, my own life’s journey, my passion for seeing people liberated from whatever holds them back in life, all combine to create the unique mix that enables me to work along-side a wide variety of beautiful people.

I have been privileged to work with sporting champions, high profile public personalities, people who run world-wide operations, business people who are doing it tough, successful business people, Mum’s who are doing the best they can to get through the day, incredible individuals who have excelled in their chosen field and received AM’s and OAM’s, people who’ve had traumatic childhoods, people who’ve never learned how to be organised or felt good about themselves, women who have given up hope.

Do you know what they all have in common? They just needed help to get on top of their clutter, be respected and cared for as an individual and be brought to a fresh place in life.

Maybe that’s you?



Struggling with clutter?

If you’re struggling with clutter… a little or a lot… in your home, your mind, your paperwork, your wherever… and you want help, then let’s talk. I will basically declutter and organise ANY space so you feel liberated and back in control. No situation is too big or too small….too untidy, too messy, too out of control, too whatever. I’ll simply be happy to help! Check out the Gallery for examples of lives and spaces transformed, “making a house a home” and fresh starts.

Home office or the business office?

If you’ve got clutter in your home office or the business office, and you’re over it, unproductive, can’t find what you need when you need it, and are stressed to the max, then let’s talk. You’re no doubt very good at what you do, but if for whatever reason, you’re out of control in the office, then let’s talk. Asking for help from the Accountant, the Solicitor, the Business Coach is commonplace, so how about the Declutterer / Organiser to get your office back in shape, increase your productivity and feel good about business life again?

Time management issues?

If you have always wanted to get organised but have a time management issue and keep putting the big clean-up off, then let’s talk. Making it a priority to work together, on a time limit helps with commitment to the task and achieving the goal.

Moving or downsizing?

If you want to move or downsize (including Seniors moving) and just the thought of it overwhelms you, then let’s talk. Moving is one of life’s greatest stresses, so if it’s not you or your families natural talent, I encourage you to enlist my help. I will actually make the whole process palatable, and help you step by step. I suggest you get help to sort and declutter first, then pack and unpack for you, so you don’t fall in to the trap of too much stuff, not knowing where to put it and no energy to unpack it anyway.

Deceased estate

If you are involved with a deceased estate and need help, then let’s talk. So many people spend months going through the arduous task of sorting through their loved ones possessions. Trying to deal with the emotions AND the decisions AND attempting to carry on with their own life at the same time, without support and nurture can take an enormous toll on your health and wellbeing. Teamwork with a caring ex-nurse could well be just what you’re looking for. If you simply want to get organised but are time poor or lack the skills, then let’s talk. We can’t all be good at everything and you may well prefer to be doing other wonderful things in life with your time, but know if you can just get organised, there’ll be more time to do the things you really enjoy!

Strict confidentiality

If you need help to get organised and would prefer NO-ONE TO KNOW then let’s talk. Your private space, your home, is just that. Private! And the public / neighbours don’t need to know what life’s like behind the scenes. So let’s keep the whole process like that. Only my husband will know I’m at your home, no-one else. My car does not have sign-writing on it either.

Inspirational Speaker

If you need an inspirational speaker with a unique topic, then let’s see if I can help. My aim is always to be motivating, entertaining, challenging and give excellent take-home value. Many a person has been liberated from the challenges of clutter after hearing a lively talk full of principles and examples that reach the heart of the matter.

I have spoken at numerous Women’s Groups, including Inspiring Women, Pink Connections, Probus Clubs, View Clubs, Carers for the Disabled, Single Mothers Groups, Church Groups, and also to mixed audiences at Business Swap and Northern Beaches Radio.


If you want accountability and follow-up, the Clarity Matters Service continues after the initial declutter and organisation. It’s not about perfection, just encouraging phone calls and reviews.

Open to change

As long as you are open to change, as difficult and confronting as that may be at times, then let’s talk. All things are possible!!



  • Half day (3 hours)
  • One day (6 hours)
  • Three days (18 hours)
  • Options to work to your budget and ‘as long as it takes to finish the job’ options. We chat and work out what’s best for you and the task at hand.
  • Tri-monthly and financial year reviews.

I don’t do quotes as I have found that different people work at different paces, depending on a huge number of factors. However, we keep assessing how we’re going at regular intervals.

Remember, you most likely have accumulated the stuff over several years so it takes time to remove the clutter and get organised. The important thing is that we can do this together to ease the burden and get a great result for you.


BENEFITS: check out the testimonials!

Other benefits from previous clients include:

  • Enormous relief
  • Self worth and confidence increases
  • Opportunities seem to increase – around relationships, jobs, living circumstances
  • Increased productivity and creativity
  • A new sense of hope
  • Totally organised and in control
  • Feeling like you have a fresh start
  • A cleansing experience
  • Inspired in other areas of life
  • Lightness – the burden removed
  • An investment in your own wellbeing

If that’s what you’re looking for, then how about getting in touch with Helen

Taking you from where you are now … to where you want to be

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